A marriage made in sabotage

A honeymoon of ever lasting

Suicide,I wish I knew another

Scenario,once another story

Was once upon a time,I saw

Her standing there,I was told

The cure for depression was to

Find love in another,how

Was this to happen when I

Had lost the love of self,I

Couldn’t recognize another

Cheap thrills was a cocktail

Of drugs given to me by……

A marriage made in

Sabotage,the suppose

Cure was finding someone

To love,only no one knew

What true love was,a vase

Of flowers on a TV set,as

Love was the remote control


6 thoughts on “Uhf

  1. Even prince Charles once answered , when asked if he ‘loved’ a particular person, “what is love” and that, to me seemed an honest answer…I still do not truly know what ‘love’ actually is. Good Post, as always , Sheldon.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is phenomenal..every line..”once another story was once upon a time”… “a vase of flowers on a TV set as love was the remote control”..I mean the whole thing..Sheldon..wow…how do you know my love life history???


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