Why would take the

What didn’t belong to

You,it was my Water

from my Clouds

Why would you

than rain On my

parade,me of Who I am,

you The 3rd dead eye girl

Who’s sole purpose was

To steal away all the

Waters between me

And what’s left of you

You Thought you were

High and mighty but

You see you wound up

just like the rest of us

You thought you could

make the Rules as you

went along,You being

3rd dead eye girl

life caught Up with

you,finally you Were

held accountable,with

your Hands out stretch

there’s no one left

Accept you & Bankruptcy

Which is now your only


Your shoulder is now your

only tissue,your 3rd eye

dead,Your girl is now

standing at the gate

Not knowing whether you

Have arrive,this 3rd eye girl

Still wondering which

It is,arrival or dearly Departed


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