The hidden high sign

The secret hand shake

Only a few of us who know

Odd Fellows make strange

bed fellows,would join a club that

Would let you me member

I do belong but I may not say a word

The words that are spoken are hidden

In that imaginary space in between

The lines,I had the MRI yesterday, I had

Such a good time,I made another

Appointment to have another one

I got an early call this morning

Telling me I have to see the dr

Tomorrow afternoon, it would

Of been nice if they would of told me

What was wrong, But that would

Mean the dr had a bedside matter

This dr doesn’t even come close

With a please or a thank you

I’m due for a break but it

Does seem like that’s going

To happen anytime soon

I Thank the gods for the words

I write,You’ll never know how grateful

I am, for w/0 them I would be

playing & singing, for I am the


Just looking & hoping for some help


8 thoughts on “Directional

  1. I love the part where you said you had such a good time you had to have another one! This reminds me of a bone scan I had a couple of years ago. 45 minutes lying totally still with a lid over me about 3 inches above my nose. Luckily it slowly moved toward my feet and when my head came out, a sigh of relief. I got a look at my whole skeleton. It’s good to know your insides are inside where they ought to be. I hope for the same for you.

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