Internal faucet


Running to the Pharmacy

To buy drugs,by any means

Possible,including being

Under someone’s thumb

You hear life breathing

The beat can be felt,life

exist from Intangible to

the real,real It’s more

than just a run It’s a life

personified there are too

Many coincidence

To Brith, death,and cousin

Life,the drugs you need

Suddenly becomes wants

Those who haven’t been

In your life now is your

Friend, you feel the

Heart so it resonates

In your head,your head

Has no hair,still you can

Feel the rise on the back

Of your neck,life is

Beginning to have a

Face,soon it becomes

Your significant other

Refer or reform, manthron

Night and day till dawn

To running to save a Life

That picture in your

Wallet,is now the person

You live with,a clean

Pair of under wear

To a tooth brush and

Elemars glue,the slime

Is waiting for whom

That is now & forever

Beginning and becoming

It’s never to late

for life to be you


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