It was the night time

Life is simple when you are a child

Looking out the window,I remember seeing a shiloutte of a man,I was told much later on that’s what I use to do so much so they use to tie into bed,again I was told that a few times I had gone outside,why not,everyone goes for a walk now and then,life is so much simpler, the man had rob the house,I must of heard him,so took myself for a walk,saw this shiloutte of a man,I don’t remember much,accept the dr said I needed a friend so they got me a dog,only this dog was too simple and when he got hungry he would bite someone,who ever was close to him,that’s what he did,so I had no more friends cause they got rid of the dog,I saw a shiloutte of a man,life is so much except seeing a man outside,at that time of nite,the policeman asked what did he look like,all I could say that he was the,this bad man who took my dog and Rob my parents house


3 thoughts on “Simpleton

  1. In the mind of a child, traumatic moments are broken down into fragmented memories where pain has no power. I feel your words. There are days when a child’s uncomplicated thoughts would tame my overwrought emotions and bring peace. Exceptional poetry. There’s much to contemplate from your words.


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