It was the slow draw on her cigarettes, the look in her eyes   it was the beer i was suppose to have but frankly couldn’t afford     I was hoping for the best    I was preparing for the worst there wasn’t any gray area    it was always all black with a light touch of her female white   I was ok with the all, I tried desperately to side step her indifference   but that indifference was like a pit bull once she had you she wasn’t going to let go     it was the bark that high pitch sound    it drove me up the side of the wall,than to far down into yet another,   miss jeckle & Dr Hyde    no one put me in this compromise position   I had been warn   i twisted my own arm just so I could surcom    I was the king of sabotage and I had finally found my queen   I could finally sleep with her fear   as she the uncertainty & would give as much as I wanted    I was preparing to figuratively hang myself   I was prepared to wear the black of this relationship    especially if black was my cover




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