Tomorrow is my birthday
Why not kick it off now
I used this poem
Last year,I wrote
This when I was in NY
The bulk at least
Also it’s one of my favorites

Sheldon Kleeman


Sunspots were the inkwell

As I dipped my pen from the day into the nite

Write as the clouds were my pages

Waiting for the lines

As the sunspots were the inkwells

Blood filled the pen

As I wrote the fear

The unknown came quickly as the inkwell spilled

Knowing the day was coming,that could mark another year

I held these close,to shield the pages from yellowing

But the sunspots spoke and I had no choice but to listen

Your lines are about to appear as age are your words

We shall make a mark against your name

As the mark was a given

Another chance was granted

To celebrate the markings of this my year


63 today

Tomorrow will be six months w/o a smoke

The grumpy old man that i am………

Some sweet,some meat, and hopefully something neat

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