Saturday matinee


We need a story with a happy ending

It’s not always about what’s goin on

Who bit who’s back &who did wrong to

whom,sometimes it is just saying you

are sorry for the silly and stupid things

You say,happiness is under rated its

that film that got over expose,why do

people show interest in how this one

made his millions,while most are living

pay check from week to week,climate

change is not a extra bathing suit when

you were young and didn’t like the

sand sticking to you   my hopes and

prayers are for the children,for our

time has come and gone   Anyone who

says we will get it right Is just as the

man who thinks that There was

something wrong & he will

“Make America Great Again”

Just looking for a happy ending

Not a sign about the times



3 thoughts on “Saturday matinee

  1. I’d settle for “Let’s Keep Americans Alive”, not sane, happy or nostalgia for the “great”(er) times when immigrants knew their places including indentured servants and slaves. Yeah, Sheldon, I can’t even watch the internet news without having a panic attack. I think people still believe in the American Dream and our President achieved it, but at what cost?


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