Dr My Eyes


That burning sensation on the back of your tongue,the acid reflux is so that you actually can feel the burn,it’s a combination of many things that I either contributed,or was throw at me  this new general practicer was so that when I was done,I wanted to tie one on very frustrating,I tried to eat something  sensible, it just could of been the box of ice cream cones I ate,the Dr gave me two shots one flu,one hepatitis b, I slept all rite last night,but when I woke up bam,the burn was on,nothing I do is easy……..



7 thoughts on “Dr My Eyes

  1. So sorry that you are having a real ruff ruff time my dear Sheldon…
    I was hoping that your new Dr wasn’t going to give you the run around and/or help you…
    WAIT…!!!…you have ice cream???… what kind???… and you are not sharing with me…on my birthday???… Ice cream makes everything seem better …lol…

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  2. Ah, but you use that burn to your advantage, Shel. The words that flow from you come from an agonized soul, and they become poetry that hits me in the gut. There’s power in your pain. You do have both my sympathy and admiration.

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