I can not hold my tongue

And speak,pain doesn’t have

A voice, narrative,it’s not a story

Waiting to be told,it exists in my

Body,I’m allow to be,not necessarily

Therefore I am,It’s a condition

That was compound,a situation

And Circumstances that was

Out of my control,I am not

The pain,the pain is in me

I can’t hold a———-

so i type with

my arthritic finger

I’ve been fighting with Dr again

The latest is headaches, no I

Haven’t said it to anyone

But last night I only got 3 hrs

Sleep,I even went to pt

I am the army of the few



5 thoughts on “1-hitwonder

  1. Stay strong my dear Mr Sheldon… like you are…
    Miss u… miss our talks…
    I feel for you my dear one…
    Getting rid of negative people over on my side of the woods… you try to help them after all they were headed for the streets… and they just won’t do what is right at all…just lies… and very rude people so since last night it started with a text and it started back up again few hours ago …letting better half handle it now…
    Soft hugggs and you always know love

    Liked by 1 person

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