The dark man knows not

For his negative was once

But for no more,he turned

And so with that……

A slip second decision

To kept turning till positive

Was his negative,the

Darkness of his light


6 thoughts on “Opposites

      1. My dear what are we going to do with you???…
        today imma with you on pain…been up since 3am due to pain lupus/fibro flare…at this time it is kicking my unhappy azz… even tried musik…I don’t want to take my bitch pill “prednisone” how ever the hell you spell it lol… I hate it…how it makes you feel and the weight you gain even if you don’t change eating habits …grrrr…imma struggling today…right now…but I am here for you…just you my dear one take it easy and hang out here lol…
        When do you see the dr again???… do you feel worse???… Don’t go under the house hun lol…

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