The Excessive force of the


Drove the thin red line

Across the windshield as

Life went from the present

To the beyond,I was a pass-

enger,not clearly defined

Life was taken and shown

As I watched this flash,twisted

Metal was my band in holy

Matrimony,I was taken to

Reason,spoken from the

Alter but was that enough

To Resume,coming back was

So surreal,as I enter through

A portal to resume LIFE

Life was speaking but

Was I the listen EAR,for

How long could I listen

& not engage,not to get


For the words aren’t being

Clearly spoken enough for

Me to………,it’s fustrating

Confusing to have to piece

This dialog together so I

May formulate,design,form

Or function,how can I be so exact

While My World is







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