Saying YOU


Time has taken a toll on me

I can’t imagine how it has

Affected you, I always had some

thing to say,now it circles around

This constant pain,that won’t

Seem to stop,keeps coming

Out in different ways,is it my

Old Karma trying to haunt….

For all those years of wrongs

I’ve asked for answers but I’ve gotten none,accept for pains voice saying YOU



6 thoughts on “Saying YOU

  1. Hey my dear Sheldon hun!!!…
    Please don’t think this is your karma… you are such a great person…you don’t deserve all this pain that you are going thru… I don’t know what to call it or the reason for it…but again you don’t deserve to be in it… imma always here for you…but you know that : )
    Hang in there the best that you can…<<<I know that you are…
    Hugggs n ♥♥

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