Theres a stillness before each outburst

A calm before each storm,I’ve learned

to sense when it was my time and

when it was time to call it……. I wasn’t a “con a cir “of the finer things in life,a nine dollar bottle of wine and a fast talking………. well you understand where this is headed but wait,the cork in the bottle and the screw the one that you need to get said cork out,stop right there that’s my problem, the corkscrew

And it being a twenty-five dollar bottle of wine,corkscrew for dummies,the bits of cork now floating at the top of the bottle oh how “con a cir”I felt,the $9.95 of my life


3 thoughts on “Corkscrew

  1. Oh dear Sheldon, what a twisted dilemma, If you’ve got a tea strainer, I’ve found that filters out most of the floaties, as for “con a cir”, well it’s there to drink, not just looked at.


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