Freshly Roasted

The chill hung on to every breath as we waited we are always waiting that’s how this game works shit happens we wait It was less than average results but our unit had but
So when the shit hits the wall as it was….to adjust the atmosphere as a puff of smoke cigarettes were one of my last comforts allowed
this death was lying in front of me,,rapid fire happening over an over until the story formulated in my head this wasn’t going to be an easy one then death isn’t suppose to be when it comes to death everyone has an opinion and opinions are usually shared just as people have there favorite body part

Some of us are wiser for
Some of us are greater than
The years come and go
Blend and meld sometimes
Definition and color
Let’s take one small minute
For all to look up and be
For all that we have
For We have each other
That We have created our own community
I believe this is what we can
Be grateful for,this is what we can celebrate
From All of us here at Sheldon’s
To all of you who I do
I wish you all a Happy & Heathly
Again in 2019


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