20170831_092914from my waist down both my feet my legs are so that its next to……..its with a prayer and hope I speak these words in a whisper
From the crown of my head across both shoulders down both arms numb in my left hand I’m shark bait,I haven’t said anything about it because it just makes it worst
The pain is through the roof hardly sleeping and food is a foreign substance,these are the facts of my life these are my challenges of each day,Yes I’m doing everything possible but its tearing me apart
Permanent pain pants with stitches
Down the front of each leg to prove not only do the creases matter but
That I’m pressed and looking……


9 thoughts on “Chewingum

  1. Wow! Best wishes for relief, however it can be achieved. Chronic pain is debilitating and, worst of all, only you can appreciate how much that is true. It doesn’t show that much to the world, so the world oftentimes doesn’t understand pain is real, not the fantasy of the person reporting it.

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  2. To suffer chronic pain is beyond explanation sometimes, it shows itself on our face, the way we walk every movement, the slowness of us. From all the tablets that can be given, to the Morphine patches to the liquid morphine to a bourbon, those that suffer know your pain dear friend, I send you my thoughts and my love and hugs all the way to you from here in the UK.

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