Death on 51st

Every once in a while I need to post this
This my life raw and unedited
This is how you learn to let
Go,it took forever to be able
To write this read at your own risk

Sheldon Kleeman


There was a moan coming from my parents bedroom not the kind you would of expect    My mother was sedated and she was sleeping with morphine    Occasionally she would sit up while still in bed and ask who was in living room and why were they talking about her   I told my father and brother she needed more morphine,they both looked at me as to say how did I know    In hindsight I had wished…..I told them to trust me and we all decided to wait for the nurse     She, my mother was all white the complexion in her face was a ghost of her former self     But you see this was my mother being the control freak that she was     If she couldn’t have life without Chinese food she didn’t want to live    If she had to plan…

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