20160702_114616I don’t want your sympathy
The pearls before your swine,what I want you to know is how some Dr will eat you and spit you out,its just another brick in the wall till its a room with no windows and just a door
I’ve been to the mountain top and back & I’m resolved this pain is part of my life don’t let them let you believe they can fix you because
Have the time their chocolate is vanilla,and their vanilla is chocolate,in the final or as it was once The Sheldon Perspective
“Its all about Facing The Face”


17 thoughts on “Facingtheface

    1. There’s always a price when it comes to,certain things in life
      The comes are you willing
      To pay,or you could look
      At from my friend Mr Cannon
      And when you walk into
      The establishment start
      By asking where do I pay
      Thank you Thank you
      Very much Roger has
      Left the……..that’s
      Roger Wrongway

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      1. lmao… awww I have missed your humor so much my dear lol…
        OK yes it is your head and what you all feel…
        I like to visit but I struggle with my own head and scared to be in someone else head lol…way to much going on and to feel others pain …oh hell no …

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      2. Even if its for your own sanity you never give up,I have started yelling at the ones that do me wrong,never let those bastards get the best of you ,leave your tears when you are a lone and cry yourself to sleep
        But you never let them have the satus satisfactionof seeing you losingwhile they think they are winning,I will never let them get the best of me
        Bug cyber Hugs

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      3. no, I can’t give up…I do enjoy life…just pissed off…but nope I didn’t let the doc know it…I did keep my kool ; ) yes I cry in the shower where no one can hear me… I appreciate your kind words and support …they mean a lot to me as you do too…
        Did I tell you that I set my timer on my phone with this so called doc…he was only in with me for less than a minute and 43 seconds!!!… can you believe that but charges my insurance for a 45min visit… I started to tell him about my knee and he got up and left and that was it…the nurse when she took me to the room didn’t even take temp, pulse,blood pressure…nothing just asked why I was here I told her refills and knee…there is more but I won’t carry on lol…

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      4. You pain is just as important
        I only say what I’m feeling so that people don’t feel a long, I’ve isolating the pain oh fuck this a about yours and how you are getting as just if not more important unfortunately fortunately,I can write what I think and how I feel with the pain
        Suesue you are if not more

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      5. I am glad but sad at the same time that us both can share our pain together…for me at least it makes me feel less alone…so I thank you for that my dear one… it maybe different kinds n types of pain from you and I that we share but at least we share and help keep each other going or for me at least you keep me going … always blessed to have you on my side and pushing me… you are one of a kind and I cherish our friendship … I so worry about you and your pain and wish I could help… at least were in the mess together lol…
        major huggggs n ♥♥♥

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