20170913_084828I can remember a lot of things
Its just means at certain times I’m allow to visit,not allow to stay,it was a word back then the kind you like to play ,slowly she creeped step by step inch by inch till the word became a label Now its a full blown road with not so nice neighbors not so nice streets the,kind you don’t want to walk alone Insta A Say north of where
Slywka Suka lives I know I saw them aitting in their refrigerator while door is closed with a flashlight in their mouth & a book tryin to chill cause the heat was on.
Insta San Ity
Ah now I got you right Where I want you
In the night where we should go down
The alley that was abandon i know
The streeets,just a just, the streets
The streets of Insta insanity


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