20170523_020519there’s never enough room in the suitcase going away for three day,3 pairs of pants yes of course & who in their right…… men don’t know how to pack,plan,or organize
That’s the reason I’m going to the Dr so he can tell me what’s wrong & where I went wrong in life but certainty,certainly,not how to fix it,going away for three days is an eternity in man’s World,I always leave something behind as I sit on my but trying to figure if the Dr is the trip I’m taking or is this just a figment of an overworked imagin-

I’ve been putting this off for a while,when I was young & neurotic
We would get into car cashes just to see how inebriated one could get,so with all of these headaches its time to level with the neurologist and see if we can crack the back of these,headaches,hopefully knock them wide open Oh to be young and stupid


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