20171012_041910with my body in the way it is now, I have limitations,for me it sucks when I have to evaluate before I go into battle but in evaluation you must take into consideration any & all limitations yesterday I drove head first into w/0 because of my undying love for you,after it was all said and done i paid dearly for lack of evalution I always believe I am a soldier of one in an Army of the few,just want to fight the good fight and I can’t anymore,even what is worst is the family members made it clear that I suck w/0 a real word passing their lips but it showed in the jabs and digs,so sometimes its best to hold your ground and keep the enemy from advancing keeping the battle scars to a minimum in that way I can show my love within my limitations Its not the battle its the casualties for your love means more ……. THEN WAR……….


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