2 the 1

20170815_040343I found my answer today its been a long journey to find such….
But today I saw the blue skies as I haven’t seen them before,or time hasn’t given in to chance
I found my answer today no one could of warned me of such
Because in certain instances those answer will not speak
You must have a listen ear to know right from wrong
I found my answer today
Time will only tell How
Long these answers will keep…….

A very strong sense of relief
How your body is yours and no one can tell you are a fool to keep
Looking yet to sit still
While the pain rushes
Through your body is
Not how your hand is to
Crush the arm of the
Sofa as the pain speaks
And answers are not the words
You use to curse the pain but
The words are whispers to
As the answers welcome
All those listen ears

Thank you to the one
for showing me the way


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