What’s for dinner

20170831_092914 even though you think they’re not watching all the while they’re setting you up for the kill even when the coast is clear they are plotting and scheming when is the next best time….0 they’ll smile they’ll even tell a joke but just when you have your guard down
They can smell your fresh fear like an unfamiliar dog passing your house dogs of retaliation,bark lines of survival… A well kept line is a kept lesson that keeps on giving…..once they struck & they can see your weakness,they’ll push & push till your meat is their fresh kill… dollars signs appearing in their eyes…
you are their next meal


6 thoughts on “What’s for dinner

    1. Robert you’ve been on my mind
      I been having too many issues
      Relating to my body,blogging &
      Writing is my only sanity,oh &
      How could I forget my artwork
      I hope all is well with you
      And there’s not to much
      External stimulation
      I’ll be by to visit soon
      Sheldon As Usual

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      1. Robert I’ve not been feeling good physically which pulls at my mental
        Lots of problems out of my control
        Dr are now as evil as the prince
        Of my darkness,though I won’t
        Go anywhere without letting
        You know first

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