Yet Another

20170913_084531my guts have been churning
For days that usually means something is loose in the stratosphere,something went a rye,a stray,it either means something terrible has happen or something good is coming
My dearest of all friends someone who I grew up with,who could answer a question before I could ever ask.
His mom has Past away my 2nd mother
Their house was always mine if to knock to let me in,a ride to school in their blue and white Buick skylark
Nothing got passed Aunt Bea she was a school teacher I can only imagine her classroom.His father,grandfather,uncle Albert
Sister Judy,this was more than a house it was 53rd st.Age take patience by the hand
As I still walk the path of life I am only left with memories,I’d like to say all of happinesses but lives basket is full and we must also except it’s sadness,pain,and fear
Aunt Bea I will miss you as I did with Uncle Marvin


8 thoughts on “Yet Another

    1. Bruce..Sheldon does not need a spell check. He is a brilliant writer..and a friend. We that come to read his passionate, wise, beautiful words value his talent and friendship. We hardly care if he misspells a word.

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