20170831_040806 I have some where to go this weekend,my daughter& 6 of her classmates won a spot in the semifinals its call ” Odyssey of the Mind” the competition is an hour and 1/2 away,so the dog goes into the kennel and we are going quite naturally to a motel. Meanwhile to make it even more interesting……….
your mind is telling you one thing,your body is telling you another,the Dr says it’s got to be this way,outside influences barking at your heels,sensory overload,the doctor took probably about 10 days to get back to me.Bottom line I can’t do nothing until I have the procedure there is nothing they can do.The hiatal hernia or the pain it’s either lipstick on a pig,tongue depressor,or sucking on a cooper spoon,that delicious metallic taste I am royally royally screwed
( Google Odyssey of the Mind,it will tell you all about it)


6 thoughts on “Incr/Easing

  1. I can so relate to this my dear…
    perfectly said…on that note…you have to take care of yourself first…no one will…I know you want to go…but you have to listen to your body and I know sometimes push oneself…but when is enough …enough…???…
    Pain I have never felt before in this degree has me in its nasty fuckin grip and I can’t find the door…

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      1. Yeah I have to visit you my dear one…Love always what you have to say… I know you know…I know you too hun and I just want to be here for you when you have some good days and the bad…I am always here for you…

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