20170703_044856don’t ever make light of what you think you can & what you think you can not do
The whole idea is to take some of the power back from those who you t
believe have power over you
It’s not as easy as it sounds but when you feel that weight being lifted off your shoulders you spirit will be restored,I’ve been working at this for some time now and I tell you it works. I’ve been having trouble with my foot Dr,ok I can’t cut my toe nails any more I have too many ingrown toe nails,I called my insurance people today and asked them,they told me I didn’t because I can’t cut my own toe nails I can go to the Dr when ever . So now I’m going every 6wks instead of 8wks
Its all about the power w/in


9 thoughts on “ThePower

  1. I so agree with all of this and the above …
    How true…how true… we should not let people get power over us and we must keep fighting for oneself… hell no one else will…and they don’t care…
    Huggggs n love…

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