0331181335_Film4 I swear to God I am lost and I can’t find my way back home I feel so bad today I feel like I’m nmelting I feel like s*** today in and day out it’s not fair and I have to be a good soldier in the army of One today and I heard my soul that I wanted to Chronicle it so that everybody knew I did want to make my passage as open as possible so that everybody knew what the dark side is what it’s all about right now
Because I have lost so many people who have just I’m giving up and giving in to the pain and I want them to know then I am still here and vocalizing it and I will not give up I am a soldier of one in the army of the few and I will not relinquish my soul my spirit find that I am only one who has the power today even though I am melting I love you all stay strong please just get this out there maybe even reblogged it once I want everybody to know it’s a pig I’m being a pig but I want everybody to know


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