👂 ear

20170319_124234 just walk away
tell them none today my plate is full….. you are walking your goldfish and wall papering the bathroom ceiling…..what is that pivotal moment….To reset your clock….a better time to come than yet another time to leave….how can you feel less anxious… elevate your mood… is not the ant just as mightier as the Asshole…..just one more step
forward to leave those less
average memories behind
waking up to the sun shining
while the bluest skies
is the day after Saturday

This is for my dearest friend Suesue
She is at suesuzz.wordpress.com
If anyone has a patient 👂 ear
Its she and don’t know how I found her….once a upon a time..but I’m sure glad I have her on my side
this for you suesue “A soldier of
One in a Army of the Few”


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