Lyons Mark

…….. from a dot came a circle ……….

In that circumference,2 people

stood face to face

2 people

from 2 different distant lands

we weren’t just, we were shipped

wreck in the city

the years has forced my memory…

I can barely recall when I heard

you say,I will see

you tomorrow,from that day till

that Night,when I call to say ……

I heard a distance in your

voice, I didn’t realize than as

I do now,you were saying good

bye,morning came,I was suppose..

but when I knocked at your front….

there was an echo sound, a

reverb,the camera took the

picture as the flash gave me


time had stopped as they

carry you out,When they

took you a piece of me went with

you,a simple trip to the Dr now

became The Grand Departure

Into the Great Unknown

for all the good we’d shared

now we share a place in heaven

swollen eyes with tears of wonder

Grandeur was spoken at the

………………………………Foot Of your Grave


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