Knowing what it feels like is not comforting……Screaming inside.. asking why….is there an answer other than hollowing walls of your mind


5 thoughts on “GoodMorning

      1. 😊 Your writings are sometimes crazy, and reflect how you’re feeling, and I like to read into what I can. 😊 My pain is down at the moment, I hope yours is bearable, all the best my friend.

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      2. You are a true comrade in arms
        A soldier of one in an Army of the few
        Not many speak to me as you do
        Most just feel sorry
        I don’t need someone to feel sorry
        I need for people to understand
        How life twists and turns
        How you constantly need to change
        Your perspective on life
        How you see things and how to relate
        To what you see
        You stand tall Ivor
        I truly appreciate your
        Hand in this distant friendship
        As Sheldon Slightly

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