20150827_040127the rippled effect
A rolling rock is still a stone
The fear is self induced
Uncertainty is the only cocktail
Mental midgets in authority
I’m your shadow puppet
Awaiting to perform
summon by devil to his evil
They will have their way with me
The morrow sun brings all things procedure its time to rearrange
……………….my tum & who knows what else they may find

12 thoughts on “2Showsdaily

  1. Hey my dear one!!!…
    I can so relate to each and every line you wrote… I feel this one…’
    Please let me know how your procedure goes…I know you will be fine…
    Yes I know how the feeling of what else will they find is scary as fuck…Just know that you are not alone …please keep in touch my dear…
    Huggggs n ♥♥♥

      1. I just wish I had doctors… lost all mine and looking for new ones…going on I think over a year with no treatment for pain and lupus n fibro and all the other shitt… and can’t get my records from anyone so the regular doctor I see is no help and has nothing to go by…doesn’t believe I have things wrong with me …long story lol… I know you know how it goes…watch the ones that are real eager to get hands on you…lol…
        Well my dear you know you can always talk to me about anything…I tell you more than anyone whats going on with me lol…I just want you to feel like you have a real friend / human behind this screen that you can talk, cry and even yell at…imma here hun…
        Yeah I don’t write to much of whats going on with me as a post…maybe I should start…let others in on my life…
        So much has been going on here on this side of the screen its been crazy!!! and very stressful to say the least…
        Just know that you are never alone…
        Hugggggs n ♥♥♥

  2. Hey Sheldon..thinking of you. Just got back on here. Replied to you..my dear friend. I love red. 😉 will be thinking of you tomorrow..and tonight..much love..always..xx

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