3 day quote challenge

I was nominated by incidentalscribe for the 3day quote challenge,I am posting now because tomorrow is going to be the day from hell

Her blog is incidentalscribe.wordpress.com

You should go and check her out

My 3 nominees are


Izza Ifzaal

Keya Shah

These are mine that I’ve written

They are words that I live by

I hope you find them with a take away to inspire


For the earth who sustains

For the heart who cries

For the child who listens

Deep inside the poets mind


Ice castles somewhere……..

Lies a fortress

Where can I go

But can not hide

For a castle keep

are stones that

may crumble


Sadness are the truths

of apples falling from the tree

But a friend you have

are still sweeter then

the fruit can be


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