3 Fingers Of Fear

I’ve been working on this for over a week with not much success,until now

So with that……….Alfonso please a drum roll

“The 3Fingers Of Fear”

Fear has a LIFE unto…..

A character and personality

If you have dealt with

it as long as i have

you would understand

what I am saying

All this personality

character,can come

out at the slightest

touch or push

Suddenly your mind

starts to dictate

to the rest of

your body

that there is a

presences of fear

Your whole body

becomes this huge

sources of electricity

Your heart starts to

race,that internal

faucet goes on

the sweats appear

Fear is not based

in what you see

touch or feel

It’s a free floater

and that means

it comes and goes

When ever

Where ever

So the next time

you look

Just make sure




Be those 3 fingers

of fear pointing rite

back at you

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