3 strikes you’re out

20170830_112500once upon a time there was words with sentences and a seed to grow
As Adam had Eve
Or vice versa
Out come what I thought
I could never,shit to
Listen to them they
Thought I would never……
With dyslexia,& lazy
Eye my hills were
Alive with demons
Each of them had a name
A pill for the bewildered,
a sleep walker Even
as a child nothing
Could stop me ,urin sample
For a therapy session
Invasion of Body Snatcher
My will lives under the
Steps,if I knew I had to
Piss in a cup they wouldn’t,
We wouldn’t of gotten this far
I’m 64 yrs old,this chronic
Pain ain’t going anywhere
I piss in a cup as they still
Will be paid by my insurance
I thought I struck gold but
All got was yet another pain
In an area that if I tell them
They’ll wished their pee was
In the cup instead of mine

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