I just don’t

20170830_112657l went to see a friend who had  melanoma,the big C

He the second one I’ve heard about in the past week

But that’s not what this post is about but it is relevant

I was crossing this street today

In my time I’ve cross this street all my life,it is an area where I grew up and worked,it’s not the easiest street to cross even in the best of times

I almost got hit,my mind is still reeling

From it,I don’t know what is going on I came really close to having my lights punch out,tires a screeching,slamming on the brakes and once again seeing my life flash in front of me

God I wish I had an answer but I don’t

It’s really starting to take a toll on me

I’m noticing my level of stress going off the charts,new spots of psoriasis where

There wasn’t any,it hasn’t totally hit me

But trust me,I just don’t know any more

8 thoughts on “I just don’t

  1. We’re not quite in charge of physical health, but we can help ours, during our battles. But stop stepping out in front of the buses, they surely won’t help your physique

  2. I’m so sorry for you. I guess you get a lot of people suggesting all sorts of things so I hope I am not being intrusive or repeating what others have said, but I know many people suffering from chronic pain from various serious medical conditions and some things that might bring some relief. Therapeutic massage, such as reflexology can be very helpful, calming, soothing and relieving stress and anxiety, but if you are interested, please find one qualified as a therapist, not a beautician. Also, if your condition allows, Tai Chi helps with pain and stress but also helps improve physical strength. These are not quick fixes but can help over time with a cumulative effect. I do hope you find some relief from your condition soon, Sheldon xx

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