4 door drive


I’ve lived this incredible life

Its far from over but it needs

To be stated,I’ve met all these

People,some I wished I hadn’t

But a lot I’m glad I did,those

Who I’ve met had an impact

On my life,molded it and put

Me in a place where I could stand

And see my accomplishments

But never noticing the short

Comings,it’s not a statement of

Conceit,or ignorance of the how’s

And my why’s,life at best is a roller

Coaster ride,strapping you in

For a ride of this life and beyond

I have lived this incredible life

And all I can say is that it doesn’t

Take a learned man or skill,what

It takes is a man who

Is willing to be driven and an

Engine of spirit with a car

That has four doors drive

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