4 letterWords

20170522_130512I’ve been out of it
Like dropping the mike as she is hot
But I just want to say something
Very important don’t listen to the Nae sayers I just came from the ENT
Ive got a bad sinus infection its to early to say whether the headaches and the sinuses are one in the same,now my point is with all of this pain is as real as Lincoln
Is to the dollar bill,it will push up like you’ve never been pushed before but never except no as an
Answer,its going to feel that you are a soldier in the Army of the Few
They will take you away if you let them,but I’m here to say never give up on the only one who loves,the only passion deep inside where tenacity is made,don’t ever let them
Speak with words of inferiority because after its all said and done
Those who love you will stand hand in hand,and those who point and shake,wants the tanks to come down
Pennsylvania Ave are all the fools causing all the pain they are the ones………..remember tenacity is a four-letter word

7 thoughts on “4 letterWords

  1. Just thinking of you and missing you my dear one Sheldon…
    myself just got home about a few hours ago from the docs …yidda yidda yaddi …blah…
    Huggggs n ♥♥♥

      1. Hey my hun…
        well not so good…I had a doctors appointment yesterday and I am very upset and pissed off and… I am very sick and almost over this health care shitt…maybe I will go off medications and just start smoking weed lol… furious beyond…
        Thank you much for getting back with me dear one…sure do miss you and your art and writings … Yeah I just fucking miss ya…lol

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