42nd Street

This is very graphic,so if there is any doubt in your mind,then please do not read this,now I am asking you before commenting to stop and think before leaving your thoughts because of its nature
REMEMBER you have been warn,you read at your own risk

Motionless I lied
on the corner
of 42nd st

I had stopped

So for all
I had

I’m not
sure for
how long

To this
day I

I was….
till they
me back

Had this
my behavior

No it hadn’t

I was a
stone cold

I was a house
made of playing
cards trying
to take one
just to see
them fall

I had turned
my back on
had turned

I was going
to get this


So now I am
going back
to those
since this
was not
my first

Wanting to

I’ve had seen
so many people
go this way

How could this
not affect me

Still I

What I do
know is that
I was told
I had dyslexia

What I do
know I was
a man child
grown beyond
my years

What I do
know was I
a person who
stood alone
I knew what
alone truly

What I do
know was
I am a
and abilities
went beyond

I do know
is that no
one else
thought so

Life gives you
certain traits

Those significant
people who are aware
of your abilities,
for selfless
Say no you Can’t

For these reasons
and a hell of a
lot more
I had no
But to take
Life’s plot
and write
my own

This is fact,it’s real,it happened
I am not glorifying this,I want people to know that you can go beyond the pain and make a life for yourself,it’s important to me to share my experiences,strengths and hopes,because if I don’t share I can’t keep what I have.I am open about this because it’s not talked about enough,I will try to answer your comments,just be patient with me

As always Sheldon

22 thoughts on “42nd Street

  1. Sheldon, these may have been the most powerful words you have ever written. Maybe because I can relate them to different people in my life and to myself in different ways.
    I am so thankful you are in my life and that you choose to share your past pain as well as the fact there is strength and hope.
    I can’t quote just one thing or I would be quoting the entire piece.
    Thank you…we love you.. xx -CC

  2. I don’t even how blessed I am to get to know what you experienced and it truly inspires me to count each day as a blessing and keep moving forward. Thank you so much Sheldon! 🙂

  3. It’s a blessing to me to want to share all that I have experienced so that others don’t have to go through what I did, and experience life as it should be a blessing unto it all

  4. I am a much better person since those times, these words are coming out because of who I am now,I always say if I’ve share with and I can help with ,then I can keep who I am now

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