4:34 My Time


No one sits on the edge of their seat

In anticipation of disappointment

Most go about their day with un-

conscious gratitude,silence is your

Hopes and prayers,this is why when

Most are disappointed it becomes des-

pair,a hole in one’s soul can never be

Repair,that hole just gets smaller with

Time,as with all,we come with seeds

That become our garden before

Disappointment becomes our weeds

These seeds lay dormant till the

Environment allows for that seed to

Sprout, as disappointment comes,w/0

The elements of nature, of need,the

Wantsome heart is a little less

While sitting in that easy chair


6 thoughts on “4:34 My Time

  1. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat here, not quite sure, Just home from the pub, a boys night out, Your words were hard to read, But I think I know what you need, more Brussels Sprouts.

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