20150818_011418somebody running down Boardway screaming life is on fire
no not that kind love a sky of one will still illuminate. never mind what the words say better to know what they mean,,,,,
We all pledged allegiance before & every meeting a right of passage
It’s what we were told Lee Harvey was a star that day I remember we had a Cub Scout Meeting,and we didn’t know what to do A book suppository that was the first time for that word to be used in that way. as the layers of the onion are gently peeled
history was being written & the masses started to even read the junkies mail wheels squealed the lone star softly spoken you could hear Marilyn quietly saying this can’t be another family where politics were strange bedfellows and the heads that were hanging on the walls were the love letters all well wishes of all the good time for the trophy which were better than The Man of The Year/or The Apprentice

3 thoughts on “Wharton

  1. Oh my god its you in the Flesh
    I was just talkin to the walls
    The other day i said walls
    Where might that monkey
    Be and sure as the sun rises after
    a june afternoons
    Rain up comes the monkey
    Good to see you
    As Sheldon Always

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