April 6, 2016

I was coming back from the vet

I had just pick up medicine for lily

The music in the car was sing a song

While I drove and……….

Than this is where the time line

Gets fuzzy,all I remember is seeing

This red flash of light coming across

The windsheld,airbags deploying

And being told not to move,this was

The beginning of my life,I was” t “bone

It wasn’t my fault,I just know my body

Was screaming and the only one who

Could hear was me,that’s how all this

Got started,there was a law suit and I

Had to button my lips,and just talk

About the pain not the circumstances

Or the situation, yesterday was the …..

Both shoulders are messed up from

The fall I took a couple weeks ago

Sure there is a more descript way

For me to say exactly what my

shoulders are doing,let me just say

That I’m so over this,and what do

I have is yet another physical journey

On a road and I haven’t a clue which

Way to go…………


6 thoughts on “4/6/2016

  1. Trial after trial, journey after journey, and which way to, I don’t Know, maybe follow the flashing lights, they’re sure to be going to the right place…… Did Lily get her medication……

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