Just Who Is Speaking

It happen to me
Oh so many time
I still get chills
running up and
down my spine
When I think
about the silence
of never saying……..
As the phone dropped
The confusion in their voice
The back ground sounds
The last time we…..
Nothing ……..
Yet now I know
It was death telling me
That they would soon be gone
Why was I suppose
to know this
What made LIFE
touch me in this way
You can’t imagine
what it feels like
to see them
carry out the
body of your
best friend
Death is not
suppose to touch love
LIFE is suppose
to be happily
ever after
As the story ends
But it’s not
It’s death and sickness
And the hollow
sound of the dirt
being shoveled
onto the casket
is the LIFE
that speaks
This is the story ending ever after

22 thoughts on “Just Who Is Speaking

  1. The sadness and tragic circumstances of a life that should be so very happy. When darkness descends, only light can make it right again.

    1. I believe I should be allow to feel life’s darkness
      I know it’s lite
      And I am familiar with its power
      But one must come full circle
      And in this the darkness must be felt
      Thank you
      Thank you very much

  2. I whine up in compromising positions all the time
    It’s how I create
    It’s not that I don’t understand the grand design
    That there isn’t more light to life then it’s darkness
    I just sit down and it comes pouring out
    It’s The Sheldon Perspective
    You dig

        1. I’m a shit popsicle
          And everyone has taken a lick
          I feel lower than roach shit
          My significant other told me that the car looks like an accordion
          The front is all bent up
          I don’t know how I made it out
          Someone was watching over me
          My pancreatiits is all messed up
          But I don’t have a bruise on me
          Nothing broken
          Just really shook up

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