A Lot Of Words

My good friend and fellow blogger wrote this

beautiful poem called”On Chasing Her Storm”

She is at ccchanel41.wordpress.com

CC inspired me to write”A Lot Of Words”

It would please me so if when you get a chance

you would read hers. …….

So Alfonso please a drum roll

“A Lot Of Words”

There are quite

a lot of words

for as little

as people think

When it comes

to understanding

how to be a friend

It’s not disposable

like a piece of paper

When you wrote

what you thought

was I’m sorry

But what came out

was different

than what you meant

So you crumbled

that paper

and tossed

It’s littler then

a gain of salt

but don’t you pour

it on the wound

of lose

Because when

you hurt


you hurt


Just wait until

it happens

to you

There’s quite a lot

of words to

described how

little you think

But only one

I can use


So when the wound

is so deep

and you begin

to know

It will suck

to know

It’s you

2 thoughts on “A Lot Of Words

  1. Yeah but what about others?
    The ones who know you don’t need explanations & ones don’t know won’t believe, ..

    Great post though

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