A Tell of truth

spaceman invade ny

I went from person to person

To see if anyone possibly knew

The truth,each time I would

Listen Intently,trying not

To draw a conclusion

But it was difficult because

I could see each person’s tell

A tell is a characteristic in

There face and eyes that one

Can see so you know that

What they are saying is

the truth,you say what

would one tell would be

ok I’ll let you in on one,lips

Moving,you say you

Want more,NO,it has

Taken me a life time

To learn these tells

Why should I give you

What took me…….The

Art of listening is just

As important as a tell

Seeking truth just can’t

Be found its a process

By which you learn

The truth is a cloud

Of stored information

Compiled over time

And distilled,so when

I went from person to

Person,I took from each,

To formulate the basis

Of …………till I


What truth was

And it’s meaning

Could hold for me

And that’s the truth………..!

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