A Thousand Pieces

When all my positive energy is zapped

And all the lites go out

Everything that was,is now a failure

For all that was good is now bad

What i used to overcome,i can’t

For the weakness is easier to accept
then to except more from myself

When the positive falls and breaks into a thosand pieces

My weakness says its far to costly,to many memories are attached
And I’ll never be able to have the money to replace it

How do i over come these odds
When they are stacked against me

How do I stand,when each step is a fall

If i know i’ve experience the situation before
then i can over come these circumstances

Then even when the positive turns

All i must do is to take a step back

For what i thought was a broken object
Is now been replaced by all the good i have

“I just found out last night that Robert Schuller died Thursday,he was one of the first that started me on the path to find out,he will for me be sadly missed”
This is in honor of the good Dr.

2 thoughts on “A Thousand Pieces

  1. Beautiful, Sheldon. For me, your words remind me of when I go into a very deep depression and just don’t have enough of anything in me to do much of anything or be positive. I now have the kind of Faith that causes me to *know* that it will get better, that God has His plan for my life and will take care of me, growing me through the darkness. I’m so grateful! Sorry to know the death of Schuller is bringing you sadness. He had quite a way about him, didn’t he? Peace to your heart, Sara

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