A Voice

I was told about this late yesterday, the adventure if the hero,this is discuss in the books that I have

The Power of the Myth,A Hero with a Thousand Faces I wasn’t getting it till this afternoon,this is my interpretation

There was a voice

calling to me

A voice that

can not be


A higher calling

than I’ve ever



A voice in motion

pointing to a path

I was uncertain

For this earth

was unforeseen


Yet nevertheless

A voice

Showing me

That there was

a life beyond

Curious I found

My way

Was I sure


Knowing there

would be a


When I walked upon

What I found

was a truth

to this earth

Yes even as

dirt is to dust

It spoke

I listen

For this

i kept

Now I know

that a voice may call

Which can inspire

a turn

so that

all may walk







2 thoughts on “A Voice

  1. Sheldon, I think you nailed it. Campbell’s Hero’s Journey must start with the calling and it is the voice of that calling that keeps the hero on the path. Everything else is the process of the journey which cannot begin without first hearing the call to something greater than ourselves. Great job!

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