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  1. Elizabeth M. Meadows is my name. I’m still working on not being afraid of (paranoid from my divorce) persecution for my writing about my life with my children. If you take my words out of context and have them read to you in front of a judge/magistrate by your ex husband’s angry attorney who is trying to prove I am unstable (which really happened) life feels small dark and threatening. Meeting folks like you online has restored a lot of my faith in humanity. Thanks for asking. metalflowermaker@gmail.com is my email address .

    1. I truly understand,no one can walk in another person’s shoes but when it comes it issues of mental health I’ve been there and back. I can imagine the legal implications but I truly understand, no worries here I never
      Judge anyone everyone is welcome on my blog if you go back far enough into my blog I speak about of all experience,strength,hope with my depression and surviving suicide
      Take it easy Elizabeth your safe here
      As Sheldon Always

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