I can’t see the

Devil In your eyes

You are not as

animated as you….


Talking with your hands

I can’t feel your smile

The one that could

Save your waters

from there tears

An agebraic equation

You are not less then

But greater then all

The your  #’ s combined

If I know the monkeys

Like i………

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

Say no evil.than

I could tell the

Rats story ,Our laughter

wasn’t Insignificant

I could hear the Highs

and lows,our Laughing

voices would Break

any sound barrier

After all we did

Some would say

That our Relationship

was at its best


5 thoughts on “Age-brain

  1. I wonder if those ‘dysfunctional’ relationships are worth it. Twixt mother and child..what else can you do …but within an adult relationship it does not bring happiness, nor stability and trust and what is it that keeps one hanging in there???

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