Ain’t No


It’s not enough to be the pain

It’s not enough to feel its pain

It’s not wise to be an addict of once

Or to be thirsty and drink

It’s not enough to have a mental crutch

Yet The voice of authority will speak……

In an argumentative tone

With their finger pointin

In a silent way

How you came in

Is how you leave


3 thoughts on “Ain’t No

  1. Yes very strong words my dear…
    people love to point fingers I have learned that especially here …but always behind backs they point… even when we haven’t spoke to any in years lol they still do… oh and the rumors and still haven’t spoke to any of them… but we hear what is being said and just shake our heads… if only they knew the truth and some do but like to talk shitt either way…
    I agree they can get to steppin…

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