All of the Works

I’ve never tried to say how life works

Became every time the word are spoken another way  I start thinking

Different words all have all different meanings

There’s a space between understanding and meaning

So I never stop thinking

Because of the shortness of life is yet another word I am seeking

4 thoughts on “All of the Works

  1. One thing is to know the meaning of something…an another thing to understand what that meaning implies! I think meaning and understanding are equal but in different quantum…. Great words man… 🙂

  2. I am uncovering lost words of years gone by when The Professional Cannon was still.learning what was needed in order to fly. I do agree that the is a difference, but back then I was still questioning and asking why

  3. You came into this blog fast and hard, you are force to be reckoned with. I don’t often me my match, it takes a lot for me to find, but you are definitely one young lady, for this you are welcome any time of day. Oh and by the way thanks

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